Second RFE on I140


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My employer applied I140 and we received an RFE on it then we responded RFE. After responding there was no status update on the USCIS website that they even received the response, so after 63 days my employer raised a service request yesterday then immedialtely they updated the USCIS website that USCIS sent us an another RFE yesterday. Just waiting to know what is the RFE about.


My first RFE they asked all the information regarding my expereince mentioned in the labor pettion and how i got those skills experience, company financial documents and all the information about the employees in the company who has I140 approved and their pay etc. Mine is EB2 with masters degree plus five years of expereince.


Does any one recently got 2nd RFE on I140? I know it depends on the individual case what is the RFE. But just tensed by USCIS as they sent another RFE immediately after raising the service request until that they didn't even updated the status on the website.

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