How a status is maintained - Pay Stub/Filing H1 transfer/Unpaid Leave?


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In this situation, is the status okay?


I am working for employer A. 

Employer B filed for H1 transfer on 04/27 with a start date of 05/07. 

Meanwhile, I got another offer from Employer C. Employer C will file H1 transfer next week, with a start date of 05/15.


With A, I am going on an leave from 05/07 - 05/15. Since, I don't have any leaves left, this might be treated as unpaid leave. The paystub that I'll be getting from A on 05/15 might show less salary because of this. There's no way now that I can change dates and not go on leave from 05/07 - 05/15.


1) Because of this transition I just want to make sure that I am in status all the way through (when I join C on 05/15). Would appreciate if somebody could share some thoughts on this?


2) OR, am I better off working for B for 1 week (05/07 - 05/14) and then join C on 15th. I really don't want to work for B unless there's no other way. The only gotcha there is that B hasn't received any receipt yet. I can join C based on fedex delivery confirmation but can't take that risk with B. B is a small consulting company compared to C which is a fortune 500 product based company.


I planned everything based on B but now C is a really good offer and I don't want to miss out on that. I am really confused about this transition and just want to make sure that I don't create any situation which might be of problem in future. Would really appreciate any help on this.

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