EVC -- 221G --Refusal then EC - Visa Approved @ chennai


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1st Interview @ Chennai:

Working in EVC model and had all contracts and PO from all layers and don`t have client letter at time of interview. Got 221g for all petitioner documents and submitted all documents including client letter. After 3 months of wait period got refusal letter stating employer doesn`t provide employment according to U.S rules and regulations.

Complete interview thread:


As soon as my visa was denied my primary vendor applied for new H1B under premium processing as client was willing to continue my old position.

2nd Interview @ chennai:

I had all documents from my new employer.

Me: Good morning, How is your day

VO: Good, thanks for asking

VO: Is this first time going to U.S

ME: No. Previously I had H1B and denied under 221g and previous vendor applied for new H1B

VO: Looked into I797 petitioner details and searched in his computer

Me: I explained in detail who applied my previous petition and who is current employer and it is direct contract with client X.

Me: Gave I-129, LCA documents and told LCA was approved for both employer and client location

Me: Gave USCIS letter and itinerary of services submitted while filing my H1B application and told during filing of H1B only my employer mentioned I will be working in client location

Me: Submitted client letter, Employer agreement and told my employer had complete authority on me.

VO: Whom do you report to?

Me: I report to Person A at my employer and Person B at client location. It is same previous person I was reporting to.

VO: Do you get same salary as before:

ME: yes same salary + benefits like insurance & 401K

Me: Do you need employer financial documents

VO: No need

VO: Have you read pamphlet about H1B rights in U.S

Me: Yes

VO: Looks like you had all documents in place, please take back all your documents. Your visa is approved and you will get your passport in another 1 week

Since it is new petition my petition number was not available in PIMS and it was written on my visa packet at first counter. It took 7 working days to complete PIMS verification and I received my passport. I was calling to U.S consulate to know my status for every 3 days.

Finally after waiting for 6 months I am flying back to U.S.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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