H1 B Pending and OPT extension


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Hello Friends,

I have few questions pertaining to H1/OPT  Visa status.I am currently working on OPT which expires on 01-July-2014. My employer has already filed for H1 B and my application got picked  up in the lottery . My H1 B visa application is in pending status with uscis.


I would like to apply for OPT-STEM extension paralley and technically USCIS will have two pending applications one for OPT and one for H1. My student advisor at university has cautioned me against(She is not sure)  having two pending applications with USCIS.I would like to know if it is ok to have two pending applications?



Also,I have plans to go to India in the month of August to get married once my H1B decision is made.Is it safe to travel on OPT status while H1 B is approved?

 Shall I wait till October and apply H4 for my wife once i ma on h1 or will it be okay to apply for F2 and later in October convert it to H4?


Appreciate your suggestions.





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