H1b Stamping before the Current Visa Expires


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I am on H1B visa which is yet to be stamped in my passport (converted from L2 to H1B).  It is getting expired on 30-Sep-2014.  I have to go to India in May'14.  I got my H1B extension which starts on 10-1-2014


When I apply for H1B stamping, 
1. Which petition should I use in DS 160 – current or new?
2. If New, what should be the start date I need to enter – 10/1/2014 or 10/1/2011 ?   If I enter 10/1/2014,  will that cause issue when I re-enter US?
3. If Old,  do I have to give my NEW i-94 when I departure?


I would really appreciate your response.  

Thank you very much


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