Outlook for Eb-2 based green card (also have Canadian PR)

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Hi, I am an Indian citizen on H1-B since June 2005. I currently have employer-sponsored GC (EB-2; also have my Masters in Eng. from Stanford Univ. in 2005, with 4yr undergrad BS in math+eng. in Europe) in progress, and obtained my I-140 in Dec 2011. For my I-485 filing, my priority date is August 2011. Based on this pending application, I recently got my H1-B to be extended till Jan 2017.


During this process, I also obtained my Canadian PR.


Online research indicates a long wait time for my EB-2 based GC.


Could you please let me know your thoughts on outlook for when I can expect my GC? I am wondering if I should stay the course, or explore longer-term employment options in Canada, in order to preserve my PR there.


Additionally, I am among the founding team members of a tech. startup that supports my GC application (and is very well-funded, has <100 employees, and has good press in online media many times, and has top tier Fortune 100/500 clients); at this stage, is it possible for my application to change from EB-2 to EB -1, in order to expedite my application?


Any other suggestions / thoughts are also welcome.


Thank you.

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It does not appear that you are qualified for EB-1 based on your post.  If you believe you meet the requirements, your credentials need to be evaluated by a law firm with experience in these types of filings.


If you did not want Canadian PR, why did you deny someone else the opportunity? 


Good press in the media means nothing; most startups fail.

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  • 7 months later...

Thank you for the response. I am not giving up my Canadian PR, and in fact, since writing that post, have been essentially making plans to focus on Canada more (have family there too). I was just trying to gather more info on my current state.


It is a big change for me to make the switch so am just trying to be as diligent as possible.


One additional question: if I leave my current employer(same conditions as above), what will happen to my GC process? Is it completely gone? Or are there ways in which I can preserve my place in line? e.g. if I work for a Canadian company but placed in the US as part of that job, etc.?

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