DS 160 form questions for visitor visa


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Hi All,


My parents are applying for a visitor visa. They got their new passports last year but the address on my mother's passport does not match completely with the address on my father's passport.

Here is the example of addresses on their passports-

Father's passport-

HNo 123B.II, Street name, Nearest road name, city, state, country


Mother's passport-

H No 123B, Street name, city, state, country


The fields marked in bold are missing in mother's passport.



1) So are the above addresses considered as different from VO perspective?

2) They both will appear for interview together. So what is the best way to write their current address/Permanent address in their DS 160 forms (as the address on mother's passport is different)?


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1) It should not matter.  Both addresses are pretty close.

2) Pick the right one.  

Thank you @wenger.swiss


One more question-

My mom and dad have separate (but interrelated) business and they file ITR separately. In DS160 form, Can I fill that mom is a partner in business (as combining income of both of them will make it better earnings/month otherwise individual income is low)?

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