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My H1 was filed in 2013 by my Employer X, when I was working for the client 'A' in Pennsylvania. My H1 petition was approved in Apr '13 for 1 year with the beginning date of Oct, 1, 2013. My project with client 'A' got over in July and a new project with new client 'B' started in New Jersey. My employer X filed for an H1 amendment for this change of client in Nov '13. I received an RFE (Regarding Speciality Occupation) for this amendment in March '14. At the same time, my project with client 'B' got over in March '14 itself. I had to respond to the RFE by May 16 '14. Now my project with the third client client 'C' is beginning from May 5 ,2014 in Pennsylvania.

My Question:
1. What should I do now in this scenario? Do I have to respond to the RFE which I received for my Amendment petition?
2. Is it ok to withdraw the amendment petition (and hence do not respond to the RFE which we received because of that) and then file for a new amendment petition with client C? 
Please advice. Thanks!
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My Employer is withdrawing the Amendment petition which he filed earlier and hence not going to respond to the petition. He is going to apply for a new amendment with the new client.


I wanted to check if there is something wrong in doing so i.e. not replying to RFE and withdrawing the petition?


Please suggest.

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