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Hi my PERM application was started last year and they have finally completed prevailing wage, marketing etc and have filed for certification. Many friends who i have talked to are scaring me that it takes 8 months these days to get it certified. Is that true. I have an old EB3 PD with my old employer and I want to get my date ported at the earliest. 


Also once I get this certification can I port my date using premium processing for I-140.




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Why the rush? Are you planning on leaving your current employer and planning to join a third employer once you have GC in process from your current one.

The rush is because OP's previous PD date might get current during USCIS last quarter movement for visa usage and might retrogress back if his/her PERM is still in progress.

But it takes around 6 months for unaudited clean cases and seems the trend is shifting to 4-5 months eventually. USDOL is really slow and inefficient to say the least.

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