High Demand for EB1C no spillover for EB2


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USCIS has predicted that since heavy demand for EB1C, there will not be spillover this year. In fact, there will be a cutoff date for EB1C in the near future. EB1C only requirement is one year Managerial position outside US, there is no PERM, Salary, PWD, Education required for EB1C. However, EB2, EB3 has to follow all of the above and PERM wait is almost one year and audit/SR should wait for two years. I think EB1C is easy route for GC - guaranteed within a month approval.

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How's EB1-C an easy route for green card if most people who apply for EB visas did not work for the sponsoring company outside the US? It's not like you can create a time machine, go back in time, open an office of your company outside the US, and then work for it for a year...

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Unofficial Prediction of EB Visa Cut-Off Dates Ahead

  • According to the AILA, the following are the State Department's prediction for EB visa date movement for the rest of the FY 2014. It is just a rough prediction and the actual dates can turn out to be a little different:
    • EB-2 India: As we reported a number of times, the cut-date is likely to move forward in either August or September to either January 1, 2008 or any date in 2008 in order to prevent waste of unused EB-2 numbers.
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