H1B Stamping on Apr 14 in Jamaica


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First of all very thanks to Murthy Forum and the members for providing useful information.

My Visa interview was on Apr 14 in Jamaica at 7:30 AM.


At Jamaica Airport:


IO: Can i have your Passport?

Me: Submitted passport, Return ticket and Hotel confirmation.

IO: she was not able to get the word for i-797 instead she asked visa copy but able to figure it out and submitted.


she typed for 5 minutes and given Jamaica visa for one month.



I reached to embassy at 6:45 AM.







ME: Good Morning!

VO: Good Morning!

hand over the Passport and I-797.

VO: who is your Employer?


VO: Where are you working?

Me: (Client place ) i told the client location.

VO: what you do?

Me: I told the title of mine (as per the LCA)

VO entered some data in her system 

VO: is that fine if i am handover the passport on wednesday at 2:00 PM?

Me: Yes 

VO: Come and pick up the passport on wednesday. 

Me: Thanks a lot.


Interview  is not even 2 minutes, but for my friend they asked to show documents LCA's,  Pay stubs,  W-2's etc. VO even checked the location in LCA and Pay stubs and asked few questions regarding the client and client location.


Port of entry MIAMI:

What is the purpose of visit?

is this your first H1?

who is your employer?

what you do in your company?


In Miami, same type of questions were asked even at security check.


Important Note: 


  1. Better to have amendment for VISA stamping, even few are getting without that.
  2. Dont miss the food from Tandoori Restaurant in kingston,  especially Gongura Veg and Hyderabadi Vegetable curry. They will deliver too.  His name is Raju 876 528 5933.
  3. If you are planning to work and enjoy the stay i will recommend to book the room at spanish court (even though it is a little expensive). They will see all your needs like cab, wifi, suggests places to see and roam etc.
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Thanks for the informative post Kaladharbt!


How long before the intw time were you present at the consulate? and how long did it take you to come out. and How long did it take you when you went to collect the passport?


I was there at 6:30 am as my interview was at 7:30 AM. I was out by 8:15 AM. Passport pick up will take only few mins say like 10 to 15,  that purely depends on the queue.  They usually asks you to come at 2:00 PM. 

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Thanks man. it was helpful

could you pls tell me how did you pay the visa fee for taking appt at kingston? also, is there any way to check which dates have opened to schedule an appt at the embassy? if not, approx how many weeks before the dates open?


You are welcome. I paid with my credit card. No you cant check the dates beforehand.  Sorry i dont know the answer for your third question.

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