Possibility of staying and working in US in 7th year extension on H1-B with different employer without I-140

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I received 7th year of extension based on EB3 Labor filed my previous employer which was in 365 days prior to completion of 6yr on H1-B.


I went to my home country in June 2013 and got my visa stamped till Nov 2015. 6yrs on my H1-B completes in Dec 2014.


Recently I changed my employer and they got me petition till Dec 2014 which does not include additional 1 hr of extension which my previous petition and Visa has.


Also, note that labor filed my previous employer is denied.


In this situation, can my new employer request 7th year of extension based on my previous employers approved petition till nov 2015.


previous employer petition approved tiil : nov 2015

current employer petition approved till : Dec 2014

Labor status filed by previous employer : denied

Visa status : stamped till Nov 2015.


Could you please suggest me possibility of staying and working in US after Dec 2014.

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