H1 Cap Exempt, cancellation w/o prejudice and a new B1


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Hi All,



I got my H1 approval notice with petition validity from 01-Oct-2009 till 25-Aug-2012 for employer A. Stamping was issued on 22-Feb-2010. I never used it so far. The visa has

since expired.


I now work for employer B. They want me to apply for a B1 visa for a 3 month assignment in the US.


There are a few questions for which I need some help with. They are as below.


1. How much more time do I have to apply for a new cap exempt H1 application?


2. Will my expired H1 stamp get "Cancelled W/O Prejudice" when I go for B1 stamping?


3. Will that impact my application for a new cap-exempt visa later on by cancelling the remainder of the 6 year period?


Many thanks in advance for you answers.





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Hi t75,


Oh, I never thought of that. However, I intend to apply for one towards end 2014.


My only concern revolves around the  "possible" cancellation of the remainder of the petition


validity period for my previous H1  when I go for the B1 stamping.


Will it have any impact on a new cap-exempt application?




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