H1B Transfer RFE Requesting PayStubs


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I was with Company X and I was working full-time on H1B. Due to Company X financial condition, I was converted to part-time status, but no amendment was filed with USCIS regarding my change in employment status from Full-time to part-time. Within 6 weeks, I found a new job with Company Y and we applied for a H1B transfer. The attorney did not submit the part-time pay stubs when applying for the H1b transfer.


Now I got RFE requesting recent pay stubs, This time, the attorney submitted the part-time pay stubs explaining my situation that changing my status to part-time was not intentional and this happened after i submitted my resignation with Company X and requested the USCIS to approve my petition. In case the approval is not possible, the attorney requested the USCIS to approve for consular processing.


1. What are the chances that my application will be approved for consular processing?


2. If approved for consular processing, do I need to go to India for stamping? I have valid stamping with Company X for the next 5 months,


3. My attorney told me that I do not need to go for stamping as I have valid stamping. I am planning to travel locally (may be Bahamas) and reenter US with new I-94. Can anyone tell me what south american countries I can visit with Indian passport and US visa without having to obtain a visa for the country I am visiting.


Any help would be appreciated.


thank you,


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