F1 status terminater. VERY URGENT. 21 days left


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I was working off campus as i had an unexpected financial crisis. Once I got a job on campus, I stopped working off campus. My international adviser came to know that I worked off campus and terminated my SEVIS. This leaves me with 2 options, I can either reinstate my F1 status (SEVIS and I-20), or leave the country and come back with a new I-20. Everyone in the university including the president and the vice president of the university want to help me, because I am a 4.0 GPA student. I've been told that reinstatement is not the best way to go about it, they suggest I should leave the country and come back. I know coming back from India is going to be very difficult. Two of my friends suggested me to go to Texas or San diego to the border and get a new I-94, because I just need a new I-94 as my university has no problem in giving me a new I-20. The president and vice president and all my professors have agreed to write letter of recommendations for me to get in the US. But now I am confused about whether I should cross the border and try to come back.

Should I tell the immigration authorities on the border about my terminated SEVIS? 


Please help me. I would be very grateful. I am confused. If nothing, I can also apply for reinstatement and if that gets denied i have the chance to appeal, and that should be in my favor because i have the president in my corner. 


PS: I already know that I made a mistake by working off campus. I need advice about what I can do to improve my situation. 



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I seriously doubt that high level university administrators know you or care about your problem. I doubt the "all" of your professors support your position.  No reasonable VO would believe your story and all of its exaggerations.


You knew you violated the rules. The international adviser did the right thing.  You need to follow the instructions given you by the DSO. If you are not allowed back in, you have only yourself to blame.

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You should hire good attorney who knows how to get reinstatement done with good reasons. Almost all international students work off campus without permission and USCIS knows it. You are few of the unlucky ones who got caught. 



If they intend to violate the rules, they should not come.  If they get caught, they should be shipped home and banned.

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