Recapture 38 days and Passport Stamp (Visa valid 70 days)


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My 6th year H1-B is expiring June 27th, 2014 and my Perm was filed in the 5th year (August 1st week 2013). My cases got Audited, and according to my lawyer if i can go out of US and recapture around 38 days and come back with a Stamp on my passport, they can file for an extension.


I work Full-Time for University Systems as a DBA and been working for over 6 years. Started when i was on OPT. My employer is very co-operative and providing all the supporting documents.


My only concern is that when i go for stamping lets say on May 27th. My Visa will only be valid for 1 month after that. Will there be an issue getting my passport stamped since my visa will only be valid for a month? Has anyone been in a same situation? 


Is there any other option, besides leaving the country?




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