Question about H1B Transfer RFE and new COE application


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Hello All,


I had vaild approved H1-B petition with Co. A till July 2016 with I-94 expiring in July 2016 as well. I transferred to Co. B in Aug 2013 and joined Co. B after we got receipt notice in mid Aug 2013. After joining Co. B, when looking up application on USCIS, Co. A's application is showing revoked as Co. A must have notified USCIS about my change of employer.


Co. B's application has gotten RFE and we replied to RFE in 2nd week of April, 2014. The decision on RFE is pending. In a meanwhile, I got another offer with Co. C and they have applied for COE with Premium Processing one day after USCIS received RFE response from Co. B.  


My questions are as follows:

1. Is my I-94 still valid?

2. Am I out of status and/or unlawfully present?

3. If Co. B's application gets denied before result on Co. C, what will happen to Co. C's application

4. If Co. B's application is under adjudication, will Co. C's application get approved?


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Thanks for the reply hightech. I really appreciate it. 


Another question,

1. At this point should I just wait for outcome on both applications from Co. B and Co. C or request consular processing on Co. C's application? Which would be safer option?

2. If Co. C's application is approved and after the approval, Co. B's application gets denied, are there chances of Co. C's application getting revoked?


Thanks in advance for your answers. 

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