H1B- Stamping done in Jamaica April 1st


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I got my VISA approved in Jamaica


These are Question:


Me: Good Morning Officer.


Vo: Good Morning. Can you pass your Passport and W-2.


Me: Gave him the W-2 and Passport.


VO: Have you graduated from this XXXX university ? 


Me: No Sir, I graduated from XXXX university and transferred from this univ.


VO: How long you been working for this company ?


Me:  I said 2 Years.


VO: What you do for them  ?


Me; Explained my roles and responsibilities.


VO: Do you have end client ?


Me: Yes, told him XXXX my client.


VO: Whats your majer in Masters  ?


Me. CE


VO: Have ever been arrested in US?


Me: No.


VO: Okay your VISA is approved and Come and Pick up on so and so day ?? (after 2 days).


Me: Thank you sir.






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