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hi All


I have visa interview date on 28 April.. Have few questions regarding filling ds-160.

regarding current work/previous work /education etc what information we should enter? i am working through a consultancy at client side so should i enter the information for client i have worked or information of consultancy i am working with? i am working with this consultancy with 2 years and previously i was working with another consultancy for 1 or more year during my opt. should i mention that consultancy name? or if i enter do they need any proof that i have worked for other consultancy? what if i tell them i have worked with current company since starting and i have letter from current company mentioning the same. Its very confusing regarding work /education/training, rest of all is very simple.

Also in section "briefly describe your duties" should i mention two /three points of job responsibility or only job title is enough?


Appreciate immediate help as i need to fill out this form ASAP.


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You have to enter details of your employer not you end client. If you have worked for other employer in past then enter that detail.


You have to describe  your duties briefly so try to accommodate as much as you can in bullet points . 5-6 bullet points should be good if that covers all your duties.


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Good luck

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