Working 24 hours in part time cpt

raj 567

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I am new to this forum. I have some important issue that needs to be answered and i thought this is the place i need to ask.I am doing my masters from georgia tech university in computer science.I am in my last semester and I got an internship. I am doing my graduate assistantship for 16 hours so i thought of doing remaining 24 hrs internship which makes total of 40 hours. I applied for cpt and started working. Today i realized that university people gave me part time cpt and When i did some research I found that if we are in cpt we need to work only 20 hours.I am working an extra 4 hours. I am really in a state of confusion .Is it illegal? if so, what are my options.Can I tell the employer about the situation,the thing is they really dont know much about immigration system.

Can some one please answer my question.

Thank you very much.

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