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Hello Sir/Madam,

My employer is currently filing my Green Card. It's been long process (3 times denied on prevailing wage by DOL) last time. After 1 year they refiled it again and again got denied. Also i am nearing my 5 years of H1-B this October. My question to you is that " Is my employer just hiring a not so smart Lawyer"? As far as my wage is concerned I am pretty sure it is way above industry standards.

I think we recently submitted the standard industry wage and other relevant information but still they are not approving. I work as a structural engineer in downtown los angeles.

Thank you for your help.

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It would be wise to obtain a second opinion on your case with an immigration attorney who has an opportunity to review all of the documentation in your case, including the Prevailing Wage Determination issued by the Department of Labor, the ETA9089 form that was submitted and all supporting documentation (advertisements and notice of filing).

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