H1B Transfer Issue Civil engg company to IT Company-Please help


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My case is little bit complicated and I would appreciate if anybody who can provide with any kind of clarity so that I know how to take ahead from this


I did my masters in civil engineering and got a job in civil engineering company in SF (june 2010). I worked there for two years during which the company sponsored my H1B (H1B started from Oct 2011). I got my passport stamped. The expiry of the visa stamp in my passport is October 2014.


After using 1 year of my H1B, I returned back to India and worked in India (in civil engineering for one and half year. I understand that my H1B would be revoked, since the company would send a notice to USCIS.


Now currently I am in India and I want to come back to USA. Finding job in civil engineering compnay and asking the company to sponsor me is next to impossible so I will have to change my field to IT so that I can find an employer or consultant who can sponsor my VISA. The advantage, I have, is since I had an H1B visa, I do not need to go through the 65K quota and I am elegible for CAP EXEMPT. Here are my questions.


1) Will I be able to find an employer or consultant who will be willing to file my H1B, since my background is all civil engineering. I am open to both civil engineering or changing the filed to IT


2) In-case, an IT consultant gets ready to file my petition, Since my previous LCA has work duties related to civil engineering, will that be a problem getting any approval.


3) Incase, if I get an approval, Since my stamp on the Passport is valid till OCT 2014, will I again have to go for stamping ?


4) How difficult will that be to get a stamping with all these complications.


Please share your opinion and knowledge.


Thank you very much. 




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Look for civil consulting firms in CA. CE is one of the few engineering disciplines with a shortage of recent grads and recent grads will only be engineering interns and not PEs.

The state PE registration boards frequently have listings of job openings.

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Thank you for the responses. 


t-75 Yes I am a registered professional engineer in the state  of California. Can that help in any way.

That is helpful in getting a job in your field of study.

You won't be able to get an h1 for an IT job, because you don't have an IT-related degree.

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Thank you very much for the response. yes I have been getting a lot of responses from the company over the emails asking for an interview. I also do skype interview but the moment they know I am in India right now they seem to lose interest. Looks like companies are hesitant to do paper work and bring an employee all the way from India. If I would be in USA, I think I would have got a job and convinced companies to file my H1B too. 

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That is always a risk. I know one job for which there have been over 150 applicants, the majority of whom are outside the US at this time. There is no funding for international travel for an interview and there is no way someone would be hired without an interview. You are in that position.


There are many international firms that utilize nationals of other than the US.  You may be better off looking closer to home. A US based firm with an office in your home country may be an option.

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