Missing Last Two Digits of Alien Number on Form 9089 section J9

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My perm was filed yesterday. Somehow in the form 9089 last two digits of my Alien Number in J-9 section are missing. It seems to me due to the spaces in the digits (XXX XXX X missing last two digits) as maximum limit of that field may be 9 digits. I have the alien number due to previously approved I-140. My attorney recommended this is not a big issue and can be left like this or if I like we can withdraw the application and re-file it. Please re-commend what is the best option?



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The A number is immaterial to the approvability of your PERM labor certification case.  If you are not dealing with an expiration problem for your recruitment and it will only mean a small difference in your priority date, your attorney can withdraw and refile, but leaving the case as is should not cause your case to be denied. 

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