Visa Approved in Calgary on Apr 16th


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Interview Experience:


Me: Good morning 

VO: Good Morning, How are you?

Me: Pretty good, how are you?


VO: So, you are on H1

Me: Yes

VO: Where did you do your masters?


VO: In what did you do your masters?

Me: Masters in Computer Science


VO: So, you work for 'employer name'?

Me: Yes


VO: Do you work for 'employer name' or do you have a client?

Me: I have a client


VO: Who is your client?



VO: What do you do for them?

Me: As a programmer analyst, I gather requirements, underdstand...



VO: he stopped me and asked, what are your daily activities over there?

Me: I provide online support, work on production tickets..



VO: Place your left hand fingers on the finger print device


VO: Did you get the info rights form?

Me: Yes


By this time he kept my docs (Passport, I797, DS160) in the basket behind him.


VO: Is there any prob with your employer regarding Overtime pay, extra hours and so on..


Me: No, no issues


VO: Ok, Your Visa is Approved! and gave me the white paper which have the instructions to collect the passport


Me: Thank you!

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