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suman babu

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Hi Helpers,


I am on H1B extension and visiting India in the month of May where I need to take my Stamping interview.  I need some clarification on my below questions, currently I am working under EVC model – here are my questions

  1. My LCA filed as XXX salary but the salary I am currently receiving is more YYY, all my paystubs and W2’s are associated with my current salary YYY.  Firstly is it going to be a problem? Secondly if VO asked about my Salary which one I had to refer to?
  2. Also my Extension is going to expiry in the month of Oct 2014? Will it be any problem as the months in between my stamping interview and expiry is 4 months?


Thanks in Advance!!

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Reply with your current. As long as it is greater than required, you are fine.  No one can predict with 100% certainty the result of an interview or the reason for a denial.  Expect stamping to be no longer than the expiration date of your approval.

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