OPT still under "Initial Review" after 81 days


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I am on CPT right now and I am working full-time. I will graduate from my PhD program this August and I applied for OPT on January 23. I asked the start date as May 1 which is when my CPT will expire. On March 24, I called USCIS and explained them the situation and asked them to expedite my application. A day after I received an email stating that my application is under review and is actively being processed by an officer and I should receive a decision or notice of further action on my application within 30 days of the date of the letter (which is March 25). 

It has been 81 days since I submitted my application and 22 days since I received the letter from USCIS and my case is still in "Initial Review" stage. 

My CPT will expire on May 1 but I have only used 10 months of my CPT. If I won't get my card before May 1, will I be able to get a new I-20 from my school and use the rest of 2 months of my CPT before I get my EAD card? 

Thank you very much for your help in advance,

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