Birth certificate for Green card - i really need help in this topc


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Hi everyone,


Want want to apply GC this year. My husband is on H1-b visa and I am on H4.To apply I learned we need birth certificate , my husband has his , but I don't . The problem is I was born in Iran, and my parents lost my birth certificate. But I am Indian citizen. In my passport they mentioned I was born in Iran. I don't know waht to do now , I even wrote a letter to Iran cosulate and called them the consulate in HYD too but they did not respond. Anyone plz give me suggetions what to do.



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Please get in touch with an attorney. If I remember right, you need the birth certificate in the I-485 (Adjustment of status stage).


If I may ask, were you an Indian citizen at birth? If so, the Indian consulate will potentially have a birth registration document. 


There are ways when a birth certificate is not available. But you would need somewhat extensive documentation.


Was your husband born in India? If so, you would really benefit from talking to an attorney. Here is why: Eb2 and EB3 categories for India are retrogressed, (If you are applying in EB-1, you would need an attorney anyway). But since you are born in Iran you could benefit from that and get your GC without retrogression. (GC availability is based on country of birth and not country of citizenship). Therefore it will be crucial to prove that you were born in Iran. This is best handled by an experienced attorney. 


Give the firm of Murthy a call.


All the best!

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