Successful H1B Visa Approval at Kingston, Jamaica


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First of all i want thank all of those folks who contribute their valuable time to the murthy forum in helping folks. 

On the other side there are lot of folks who get most of it from the forum but never help others when they are done with resolving their problem (Mean people got HELP, HELP NOW)...



Here are the details 


Interview schedule date on April 7th Early Morning

It took 3 hrs from the time i stood in line and to come out with successful colors. There are lot of local folks who apply for visa. There was close to 200 to 300 local folks ahead of me.


It took me about hr and half to get my finger print and again another 1 hr to meet the VO. 


The visa interview itself just lasted not more than 2 min. The VO was very friendly and asked pretty basic questions. Though i had carried hundred's of document. 


Make sure to remember your hotel room number, they will ask you to write it on token of where your staying and room number while finger printing 


Questions -

Pretty same & basic questions what you would see in Murthy forum posted by other folks. Know your Annual salary if your consultant since most of them work on Hourly.  


When visa is approved they keep the H1B Petition and return it to you along with the passport. 


Recently there has been so much abuse of contractors from employers so visa officer wants to make sure your employer is not exploiting you. I strongly feel By no means they are troubling you. 


I strongly recommend to be at gate at least 45 min to 1 hr ahead from the interview time slot especially if its a morning slot. since you have to go through scanner, Seeking token number, finger printing and then comes the visa interview (should be 2-3 min at window). 


Expect to spend at least 30 min for each of these in line. And there are lot of local folks applying for visa and your likely to see long lines. 


Don't carry cell phones or laptop or bags for the interview they are not allowed inside the consulate. Otherwise your are in trouble.


Strongly recommend to present yourself in Business casual with blazer/Business suit. Please don't go in jeans or casuals. Please be professional in dressing & appearance.  


Passport Pick Up details 


You will pick passport at US consulate at 2 PM though you have selected DHL office. It will be similar window where you had interview. You will be given red token when visa is approved. Present that token while picking passport. It takes about 10 to 20 min to pick passport based on line. Its not a bad idea to carry US DL, Visa Interview Confirmation letter.

Again, Don't carry cell phones/ Laptop/Bags when you go to US consulate to pick passport


Expect your passport to be returned in 2-3 business days differs from case to case. Between April 7th, 8th and 9th i have seen close to 15 Desi folks got H1B visa approved and most of them received the passports in 2-3 business days


Another strong recommendation - Book the return flight with an option of re-scheduling just in case if you receive the passport earlier than expected 


Kingston details 


Port of entry


Ask for C5 form(Port of entry form of Jamaica) from flight crew before landing at Kingston; And also, You can also find at gate while boarding Jamaica flight in US;


Questions at POE


Reason for Jamaica visit - MY answer- Visa Appointment at US consulate


They asked for Visa interview confirmation letter, H1b Petition letter, hotel Itinerary and return ticket (I never expected they would  ask all these documents at POE; These guys ask more questions & docs than VO at US consulate


Its pretty small airport. It is the size of country airport in US so you will never be lost. Collect your bag from baggage area then head towards the Immigration lines/ POE officer;  As soon as you come out after POE there will be Taxi Desk on the left side before existing the airport. Pick the cab from here 


They charge $30 to Knutsfurd court hotel. 


Anther Recommendation- Don't exchange US currency to Jamaican dollars at Airport. They offer very low exchange rate. Instead you can exchange it at the Hotel Front desk. The exchange rates are lot better at hotel front desk


US dollar currency is accepted everywhere but i m not sure on street side like POP & MOM shops. Besides that everyone accepts US dollar currency including Cab drivers, hotels/ Restaurants and tips too. 


From Knsutsfurd court hotel to US consulate - its $ 10 to 15 dollars. you can ask for a cab at front desk. Its unlikely to negotiate your cab charges if you call from front desk otherwise you can negotiate the cab price. (Its pricey getting from front desk)


After you come out of the US consulate you can ask the security guard of consulate at the gate to help you find a cab. If you cannot deal with local folks in finding the taxi, security guards at the US consulate gate are helpful. 


JUST FYI-- if they see foreigners like Desi, White folks the cab drivers quote high But its pretty standard at airport and hotel front desk.


If you want to negotiate the cab price then find it on your own. Anything with RED LICENSE PLATE will be taxi. But you will see lot of WHITE licence plate cab drivers but keep in mind they don't have licence(White Licence plate) to run a cab but your likely to be safe here too no big issues 


And i advice not to go out just by yourself especially after Dark. Always try to be in a group. Hotel's are pretty decent to hangout while you wait in kingston for passport pick up.


They have pretty good restaurant and GYM so you don't have to step out of the hotel. Anyways, There is nothing much to do in KIngston.


There is Tandoori Indian restaurant within walk-able distance from Knutsfurd court hotel. The food was very authentic and excellent! Must Try! 


Take away - "MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LEGITIMATE EMPLOYER NOT FRAUD/CHEATING EMPLOYER AND ALL DOCUMENTS ARE IN PERFECT SHAPE" Then you have no reason to be worried. If you have red flag with the employer please take charge of yourself and move on to different employer. 


IMPORTANT to Note:- While walking on street please be careful. They drive terrible in Jamaica. Please watch in all direction they never look for pedestrians. They just keep driving


I Strongly recommend to prefer Home Consulate since it can be very peaceful, stress-less and very comfortable. Unfortunately, Kingston has lot of poverty so it can be disturbing experience. 


Anyways,I will Post another thread with H1B Visa stamping documents check list. 


Hope this is helpful to you guys ! 


Good Luck! 




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when you say annual income : will you say what you earned in that year or what is mentioned on LCA. Coz as a consultant you will always earn more than that is mentioned on LCA.


Secondly, if your pay changed from 2013 to 2014..which one will you mention when asked?


latest offer letter has most recent income...but w2 on 2013 may be lesser than what is mentioned on offer letter.

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Another Point i wanted to Note here 


If you have studied in US, Your credentials are far more legitimate and valid  and you have no reason to worry.  compared to folks who are on L1 visa, Or folks with H1 visa coming on assignments from Outsourcing companies. some of the folks from these companies having Civil engineering / Chemical / Mechanical / Electronics / Electrical engineering background and some don't even have bachelors degree and working in Computer technology / IT industry...   so i really cant talk for these folks ..


All consulates are same  but i would prefer Home consulate since its far more comfortable and aware of the environment. 

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