To Get Canadian Visitor Visa for H1 Stamping when PR Got rejected in past


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I am Alexa, working in USA on H1B Visa. I would like to go Canada for my H1B Stamping.


I applied for Canada (Montreal) PR in 2010, but it got rejected due to my poor proficiency in a French language.


My brother and Sister-in-law have Canadian PR and stay in Canada since 2007.


Currently, My mother is also in Canada on Super Visitor Visa.


Please help in answering my question.

(1) What are my chances to get Canadian Visitor Visa?

(2) How can I explain my rejection reason in “IMM 5257E” form – section (2-b)

(3) as anyone been in a similar situation and attended Stamping at Canada ?


Your suggestion/opinions will be very valuable to me and I will be very grateful for that.

Thanks in advance.

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