Applying for visitor visa for mother and brother's family at the same time


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I live in US on L1 visa with my husband who is on H1. My mother and my brother with his  wife and 2 kids are planning to visit us this summer. He has strong ties to the home country with a running business, and property in his name. I have another brother who would stay back.

I am wondering if it is a good idea to have them apply the visitor visa at the same time or have my mother do it separately. I am concerned if the VO may find a reason to reject this because of a large family applying for the visa or something else. Also wondering if they are approved, would my mother get a 6 month visa because everyone would be getting that or the VO would grant her a 10 yr visa.

Please help with your experiences and opinion.



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No one can predict the success or duration of a visa.  It is quite possible that you mother is denied and your brother and family is approved. They can apply together as all are judged on his/her own merits.


Do you really have the resources for so many people? Remember that many apartments limit the number and duration of house guests.  To have 5 house guests in many nicer apartments and rental homes is unacceptable and you risk eviction by violating the terms of your lease.

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t75 you made a good point abt having 5 house guest at once :), for once i couldnt stop laughing but its definitely worth looking into. My worry is if the VO sees the entire family wants to travel (except one brother), he might think this is a case of migrating to states (which however is not the case). On the other hand if she applies first and my brother later, the chances of his rejection increase as they might see that my mother got the visa recently. Darn  why is this all so complicated even if there are no bad intentions.  

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It is very real issue in nicer apartment complexes. My son's on the west coast limited the length of stay to a week even though he lived there several years, he notified the management that we would be there since we would be there while he was at work, and we only visited once. Guests increase the costs to the building owner for additional services.


City ordinances often limit the number of people who can occupy a residence for safety reasons.


Be prepared to pay for hotel accommodations if that is an issue where you live. If it is not, you need to look at nicer properties since the rules protect you as well.

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