EB1 for management consultants

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I've done a fair bit of research online, but would like to get your thoughts...


I have a PhD in science, and am currently working in the life sciences industry as a scientist. I have ~10 publications, and ~110 citations in total. Having been in my current company for a year, I am thinking of starting an EB-1 or EB-2/NIW application (I'm not from India or China).


However, I am considering accepting an offer from another company, specifically a management consulting firm (McKinsey & Company) later this year, about ~6 months' time. 


- My question is, should I start a (self-paid) application for EB-1 right now?

- If I file under the "outstanding researcher" category, will the application become void once I join the consulting firm? 

- If no for the previous question, does it make sense to apply for the "extraordinary ability" category? Will I be able to use my publications, scientific record, etc as evidence?


Thanks a lot for your input!


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I was thinking that EB-1 "outstanding researcher or professor" would not be an option since I will be joining a management consulting firm. So my assumption was that I would be applying for "extraordinary ability."


Is it possible for me to start an application for "extraordinary ability" and submit research/scientific accomplishments as part of the package?



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Assuming the evidence is related to the applicant's area(s) of extraordinary ability, such evidence, if available, would almost always be included with the EB1 petition.


The EB1 involves a number of complex issues, and case law from the past few years has made these cases even more challenging. If you are serious about filing an EB1 case, I strongly suggest you work with an attorney. For an evaluation of your credentials to determine whether you may be a good candidate for such a case, please schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys who can review your background in greater detail and advise you accordingly.

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