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Should I file motion on form I290 B? Is there something DSO could do? The notice says there is no appeal fro this decision.


The denial notice says "USCIS has concluded that you have not been enrolled full time as F1 student for one full academic year. Although you previously attended school under SEVIS ID N1 from June until your status was terminated on September, that time does not count toward the one full academic year requirement for OPT since you left US and returned on in "initial" status on Dec, with a new SEVIS ID N2. If your status under SEVIS ID N1 had been changed from "terminated" to "active", your time as F1 student under that SEVIS ID would have counted toward the one full academic year requirement."

I went out of US for a month in December during my school vacation and got my F1 stamped. I was on H4 till december. I am wondering why SEVIS id got terminated. Can school change N1 record now? Is it school's mistake that they gave 2 different sevis ID. They ideally should have changed N1 from terminated to active. Is my understanding right?



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