Job change : 7+ year H1 B extension


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First of all thanks to SME's and Attorney's who try to help seekers with information.


I have a scenario where my I 140 approved with priority dt of march 09 2009 in EB3. i am receiving my h1 b extension every year with 1 year duration. 


My corporate immigration team will not be sharing the I 140 copy so i submitted an FOIA request. i have received a CD with information that document couldn't be located but sent a mailing log with my I 140 petition approval date. The beneficary name is missing a character in first name. Not sure whether its the reason for not getting the i 140 copy.


If i change the employer based on the i 140 receipt number and end up with again 1 year extension, i read notes that i cannot extend my h1 b without a new perm and i 140 approved or perm filed a year ago. Also most of the employers requesting an i 140 approval copy to port the date. Other wise i will be missing my PD.


Please help with your suggestion to

1. get I 140 copy.

2. will my I 140 valid if the name has a spelling mistake.

3. will changing employer have any impact on continuing in h1


I am in a confused stage. please help.


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