Urgent Help needed - H1B to L2 to H1B


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I need help on something really urgent.

I am currently on H1B visa and my wife is on L1 visa. Due to some problem, I might have to quit my job by the end of this month. So, I would like to change my status to L2.

1) If I file the change of status and after getting the receipt from USCIS, can I quit my job without going out of status?

2) I have used only 1 and half year of my H1B. So while my L2 is in processing stage, I can’t work as I have to wait for my EAD which might take 2-3 months. So during this period, if some employer is willing to sponsor H1B for me again, What is the process for changing back to H1B ? Is it just filing another change of status? or would it be a H1B transfer?


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