B1 Visa Approved in Hyderabad Consulate


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I arrived on window where an American white lady was interviewing a student. I could see she was very annoyed with him and later two more students were interviewed by her  and she didn’t look too happy.

I arrived in front of the window.


Me: Hello Good Morning

VO: Hello


VO: What is the purpose of your visit? (She looked little bit relaxed. May be my business attire did the trick)

Me: It’s a business visit to meet prospective business partners.


VO: Whom do you work for?



Suddenly she notices that I had applied for H1B stamping in toronto, Canada


VO: You have been to Ottawa, What happened there?

Me: I went for H1B Stamping but I was told I would be subjected to Admin processing. After that I never heard anything from Embassy.


VO: You had H1B earlier?

Me: Yes,  It was approved in Dec 2010 and worked till Dec 2011.


VO: You studied in US?

Me: Yes, from Univ, XY.


VO:  How long have you been working with Current company?

Me: It’s been 2 months.


VO: What is your salary?

Me: XXX Amount in Lakhs PA.


VO: Before this where were you working?

Me: ABC, Hyderabad, India


VO: How Long?

Me: 18 months


VO: When did you leave US?

Me: In the month of Dec 2011.


VO started calculating something. (May be number of months I stayed in India after I came back from US)


VO: How long are you going to stay in US?

Me: 2-3 weeks


VO: Are you going to work there?

Me: No No, it’s just meetings and conferences with our partners to understand their requirements.


VO: Please step aside and put your right four fingers on scanner.


After scanning my fingers I curiously asked am I done?


VO: Yes you are, you have been granted visa.

Me: Thank you very much.

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