H4 extension DS160 question


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I am applying for non-immigrant visa (renewal) in (dependent) H-4 category and eligible for drop box.
Currently, I am in US and have received approval notice for extension of my
H4 visa petition. I am visiting India for my H4 stamping,
While completing form DS-160, in "Travel" section, where I have to enter
information about "Principal Applicant Information". Should I enter my
Husbands's petition number ? OR should I enter petition number received on
my (dependent's) application for extension (the on my 797) ? and Myself as prinicpal applicant or still him as a prinicpal applicant.

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Sachin -

I am in same boat. My wife is in US since past several years. Visiting during summer vacations to India.

She has approved H4. Her petition (receipt #) is different than my receipt number.

I found that there is no way to put her receipt number in DS-160 form. It is specifically asked to put Principle Applicant Information. I believe it is with reference to H1B only.


But I think you should enter H1B holding person's details. 

With reference to the application I am also stuck on below questions.


1. What should be address (India/US)

2. Contact Number (India/US).




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