Tracking Ported I-140


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Hello Guys, I am sorry to poast my question here, but since all of you have done this, thought you are the right people to ask these questions. (I promise, I'll post these answers in a new forum to help more people like me. so you are helping not just me, but many more)

I am with company A and my I140 is approved, and priority date is 6/1/2009. but my I'm in EB3.

so I am thinking of moving to another company.

here are my questions:

1) if I move to a new company, will I get 3 yrs of extension eventhough my labor is with current company? (my 6 yrs of H1 will be done by 9/25/2012, when my current company filed for 3 yrs extension in 2010, they sent a query to submit the applied/approved PERM petetion)

2) if the new company files my green card in EB2, will I be able to use the same priority date?

3) and when will I use the current priority date with the new application? is it while filing PERM? or I140? or while filing I485 (when that PD is current)?

4) I am hoping that my current company will not revoke my I140. what if they do?

Please help me make a decision. I do not want to wait here for EB3 dates to get current. I want to move to a new job that will pay me more and will do EB2.

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