Date of Exit is per I-94 Valid date or 6 years of stay in H1B


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Hi There,


I came to USA in L1B Visa June 2008. Then i got H1B Visa Oct 2011 after 3 years & 4 months of stay in L1B Visa. My current H1B, I-94 is valid until Oct 30, 2014


My employer posted my job description in my employer website. Unfortunately they could not continue my green card due to one Resume match for my job description. I don't have labor petition approval and I-140 approval now


My 6 years of stay will be ending July 03, 2014 including my out of USA stay period in the past 6 years and my I-94 date is valid till Oct 30, 2014


What is the date of exit in my case, whether it is July 03, 2014, as per 6 years of stay or Oct 30, 2014, I-94 valid until date?


We appreciate your support & time on this


Thanks in advance

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