F-1 and filing I-290b...help!


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My boyfriend, who is in the country studying on an F-1 Visa received a Denial Notice for reinstatement of his F-1 visa. He graduated from a community college in May 2013; his I-20 termination date was originally May 30, 2013, but was extended to August 26, 2013, and never received documents that stated that fact (negligence on the DSO?). After applying to a new university, and receiving a new I-20 from the school, he has been studying full time at the new school since October 2013. That being said, he has never been out of status for more than 5 months. The DSOs from both schools have failed to provide a letter verifying enrollment. Since he has been studying in the country, he has never violated his F-1 status in any way (no other reinstatement issues, not employed, etc). The Denial Notice also stated that he failed to provide academic transcripts; however, when my boyfriend called USCIS the other day, they had it...what is that about?

All this being said, he is filing a I-290b. What else needs to be sent with this form? And to which address? The USCIS website's listing for where to send the form is very confusing. Also, since we have additional evidence verifying his full time status, can we send that with the form? What are the chances that the form will be accepted?

Lastly, since this has been such a headache for both of us, we have discussed getting married (we always have, as we have been together for five years...this just really pushes us to! I am a citizen); would this Denial Notice regarding his F-1 reinstatement in any way cause for his green card application to be denied?

Thank you!!!

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