Confusion on I-797B dates and H1B visa end date


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My I-797B is valid till 30th Oct 2014.My visa stamping was put on hold due to change in client and location .Now I need to submit for amendment and it seems my company has kept end date same as 30th Oct 2014.

Questions from my side:

1)It will probably take 12-16 weeks for amendment which means I will get LCA by mid July and with visa stamping it will go to end July.Once H1B visa is stamped , will the end date of visa remain same as 30th Oct 2014 or it is generally granted for 3 years?

2)If I go to US in August, I will have another 3 months before petition expires.Once I reach there can I file for extension and if so is there a chance of getting petition extended within 30th Oct 2014 time frame OR do I need to come back and file fresh petition


Can anyone please help in clearing doubts?

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