Reckless driving ticket in virginia - h1b stamping impact


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I'm a resident of North Carolina and I got a reckless driving ticket in the state of Virginia on 20th Mar,2014 for speeding over 20 mph over the posted limit.Its a class 1 misdemeanor and I was asked to attend the court on May 14th,2014(I was not arrested or my fingerprints were taken).I have already approached a traffic attorney and he is working on my case to get this charge reduced to a minor infraction.I'm planning to go Canada end of this month for my H1-B visa stamping interview. My question is about mentioning this charge in the DS-160 forms and if YES, what is its impact on my visa approval. As i'm not yet convicted can i mention NO for the questions in DS Forms. Can they see this charge in the background check before a judgement is made in the court. Please help me out.Thanks.

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hi Can anyone please advise on the above points. to summarize


Do we have to mention Yes in the column section (have you ever been convicted of a crime) in the DS-160 form for H1b Stamping If the Reckless Driving has been converted to a infraction (improper driving)charge?



Any advise would be highly appreciated. 




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