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I am a H1b living and working at a different address than my USC wife who is studying in a different address/state.


After an initial RFE for Medical and Joint Tax returns, 485 status updated to Testing & Interview.


What do you think the implication are for this different address, would it be enough if we are able to prove the difference in address is for a reason (her education) and she would anyway be joining me in a month or so when graduates.


please advice.

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I am in process of send out papers - can you please tell more about Medical and Joint Tax returns RFE?


I  recently got married and planning to send out papers. I already completed I-693 (Report of Medical examination & vaccination record) & since we married last year, filed taxes separately for 2014. 


For your situation, just have backup of itinerary / trips (flight tickets / pictures etc.) to meet your spouse  and any arrangement made for her planned move ( new residential lease with both names / affidavit etc.) 

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