Going for H1B Visa Stamping in Toronto Canada on 14th April 2014


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I got the approval and waiting for waybill number.


About my interview- I was in counter number 6 


How long have you been to USA?

    I have been to USA 6 years and 4 months

    she was kind of shocking and said that H1B is only for 6 years, how come you are still in USA.

Then she asked does anyone filed immigration for you.

    I said yes and my company name.

Then she asked show me the proof that you had I-140?

    I showed the photo copy of my I-140, even though my employer said you don't need I-140 luckly I asked the copy from 

    my employer.

Who is your end-client?

what is your roles and responsility?

Then she came back regaring my company...are they paying you fine?

     I said yes.

Then she asked Who payed for your H1B ?

     I said my company

Then she asked about my W2 forms of last year

Then she asked why came to canada?

Finally she said my employer has lot of issues with department of state,

     I didn't replied anything 

Then she said your visa approved even though there are issues with your employer..and she given kind of waring to me.


One thing I don't understand is why she had warned...

As for as I know my employer has no issue. anyone has any idea? why she warned me ?




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HI DSReddy

Did they ask you for the passport picture? Or they were ok with the one on DS160? Please respond.



sorry for late reply...one is ok.

Toronto consulate have the facility..you can take the photo for 10 canadian dollars.




Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?
I got my I -140 approved

jramana2014 You need to give your employer name who filed your I-140



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