Changing school while on F1 visa


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Hi All,

I'm currently on F1 visa. My next school which I'm planning to attend, is starting in Fall'14 at Aug 25,'14.

My term at current school is ending at May end- last week. Then current school is going on summer break for June and July month, next term starting Aug4,'14.

I know after leaving one school one has 60 days grace period to join another school.

I want to know does one is considered in school when one is on summer break.

If summer break is counted as time in school then my last day of school will be Aug 3,'14 and I can tranfer easily from current school to next school.

But if summer break is not counted as time in school, then my last day in school will be May end. From this time till Aug 25,'14; gap becomes more than 60 days. Around 3-4weeks more. So in this case shall I register for Aug. 4,'14 term in curent school, and then request transfer or SEVIS will understand some days difference and will allow transfer?





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