Working on EAD and green card denied. Can I go back on H1, that I still have few years on h1


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I applied for I-485 in Aug 2013 with company A. And I also received EAD in Oct. 2014, but continued to work for A on H1b only. On Apr 1st, A got sold to company B. So I have two options: 


1) Start working for company B on EAD or 

2) Get H1 transfer applied by company B and then work 




If I use option 1 (using EAD) and if my green card gets denied, then I cannot restart working on remaining H1 years in US only. And I will have to return my country immediately. While in option 2, I can remain in US and re-apply for green card, while continue working for company B.

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I am sorry, but that is not the question.

FYI, my risk appetite is 0, so I want to minimize it as much as possible. I guess that answers your question, now may I knwo answer of my question? :)

So, if your "risk appetite is 0", then you must have a good employer. So, why do you think there could be a denial then???

Or is your employer shady? Then your "risk appetite" would obviously larger than 0.

Take your pick...

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There are plenty of reasons for I-485 denial that will lead to H1 COS denial. Inadmissibility is a pretty common one.

It is an "it depends". That's why it is important to have more information on why the OP thinks there could be a problem.

It is obvious that the OP hasn't thought things through...

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