Moving to a different country while Citizenship is in process


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I have received my GC in October 2009. I am planning to apply for the citizenship in the month of July this year (90-day). MY question is:


1. I have a temporary job offer from India, and they want me to join the month of August.

2. If I leave in August (while the appplication is being processed), will I kill my chances of getting citizenship OR will it be a hurdle (delay, etc.)?

3. Planning to keep the house in US, and I understand finger printing is part of the process, however, can finger printing and other formalities can be done at the US Embassy in India?


I wonder, if anyone has gone through this during their tenure here?


Any thoughts will be appreciated?

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Fingerprinting is done in the US only, and on rather short notice.

And a job abroad would have to be temporary in nature, with a clear ending date in writing. And a long trip abroad could disrupt the requirements for naturalization.

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Thanks JoeF for your response. Yes, I do agree and will wait in US until Fingerpriting is done. The work will be of temporary as well, however, can I travel after the finger printing is done? Assuming that, the Citizenship interview is done within six months, can I return to take care of the interview, and go back, then come for Oath?

Sorry for too many Questions?

Is this hara-kiri typically done by people OR Immigration offcials get ticked off for requesting the "Re-entry" permit?


Please let me know.

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