221G issued in Toronto Canada.


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I did attend H1B Visa interview on March 26, 2014 and I got the 221G Yellow slip and here is my interview experience.

My interview was at 10 AM, I was there by 9:40 AM, at around 9:50AM, the person standing in front of the embassy called, asked me to show the interview appointment appointment, passport and allowing me inside the consulate.

The movement I enter, security check was performed, moved 10 feet from this point, found a lady checking DS-160 Confirmation Page, I-797, passport putting in a blue file and asked me to go another person who is sitting in the entrance of the consulate (where actually the interviews will be done). He just checked and put one seal and written something on DS-160 and asked me to go inside.

There are 4 counters in front, verifying the I-797 and few other things, they did write on my DS-160 as "PIMS OK" and few other words which I did not understand. After that, I have been asked to go to the last counter for finger prints, I have given and they have given the token and told me wait for my turn for the interview.

Finally my turn came and here is the question and answers:

VO: Good morning, how are are you?

Me: I am good, thank you? How are doing today?

VO: I am good, thanks. Can you pass the blue file to me.

Me: I just passed my blue file (where my Passport, I-797 and DS-160 Confirmation Page).

VO: She took my I-797 petition and entered something in the system and told like this "oh, you are working for this company for quit a long time".

Me: Yes

VO: What your company do?

Me: I said xxxx xxxx ..........etc.

VO: Can I see your previous stampings?

Me: I have given my expired passport where my only one stamping was done in 2007 at Mumbai, India.

VO: She saw the stamped page and return back and asked me what you do?

Me: I told ..................................................... Etc.

VO: Do you have a client?

Me: Yes

VO: Who is your Client?

Me: I said xxxxxxxxxx?

VO: what you do there?

Me: I have explained .........

VO: What is the application you are working on?

Me: I told the application name.

VO: Since 6 years, are you working on the same project?

Me: Yes

VO: Can I see your 2013 W-2 form?

Me: I have given all my W-2 forms since from 2010.

VO: She take a look at them and return them back.

Me: She was looking at the screen and typing something for 2 to 3 minutes.

VO: She finally finished typing and looked at me and told, you are good but, previously your employer had some issues, so we need to check few things about your employer. So I am putting your case in administration processing.

Me: Would you like to see any other documents?

VO: She said no, I am good thanks and picked up an yellow slip and written "my name, batch number and the date in the appropriated columns and written "Wait for our e-mail" in the column next to "AFTER WE INFORM YOU.........." And returned the slip.

Me: Do I need to drop any documents?

VO: No.

Me: may I no the time lime?

VO: one or two weeks

She kept my first page of I-797 and DS-160 Confirmation page and returned my passport.

By that time some one was already waiting for the interview I just from that place.

Till today no update from the consulate?

Is any one recently got same like me.

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I registered to reply to your post.  I had/have the ongoing issue from March 10.   I got 221g yellow. I did not pay much attention to PIMS or anything. I assumed my case was straight forward. Upon seeing a form that said there is additional processing and a 4ish week wait, I just kept my mouth shut and left, found the chatime shop and got me some bubble-tea. 


I was asked for my CV before the yellow form was issued.  I did email the consulate and tell them to let me know I can provide them with any documents, if they require any additional documents.   


I got a clearance email 7 business days later, which asked for passport, travel plans,..... 221g form,...   I sent it in via Loomis. 


Took another 12 business days for the status to change from Admin processing, to Ready, another business day to change from Ready to issued.   Today is the day it showed issued.   I hope to receive a tracking number in a few days.  I believe my case is more complicated than many as I have been educated in the US, lived there for over a decade, have research level experience in more than one TAL item,...... and lived in the middle east.  I did have one thing going, I am not a muslim or have a muslim sounding name.  


BJ_MAR_2014, there is no point asking the consulate for updates.  Track your case on the canada visa site or better, the CEAC visa tracking site.  Just hang in there and wait for the processing to complete.  80% of cases are cleared in 30 days, so hope you are part of the 80%.   Find cheap accommodation if you don't have any and plan to live here for a month.


If you courier your passport or documents, you can email and ask them to see if they received it.  Don't email them every week as they can't/won't give you any updates.  


You will feel hopeless and depressed, so find something to do occupy your time.  Wait it out.  The process is a black box. Try yoga or meditation.  You have a some free time now.  

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Hi Blbnsl,

Thank you so much for sharing you experience.

You are correct, we can not do any thing at this point. I am in USA since 2008, since then I am with only one employer, one client, I-140 is approved and I was never on bench.

I don't have any option other than waiting.

I will keep update here if I have any.

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Hello All,


Went to H1b extension visa interview in Ottawa, on April 1 2014 and got 221g blue form for admin precessing. I am a full time, pharmaceutical employee, did my Masters in US.


Interview was very short , what is your position ? and Masters? and any publications ?


Got my approval after 2 weeks exactly  and requested for my passport on April 14 th. Completely aware of the stress, but guys just be patient and hopeful, we will get it, just a security check.


Thanks for letting me share my experience.



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Hello All,

          I went to Toronto US consulate for my first H1B stamping on Jan 27th 2014. Interview went good and VO said your VISA got approved you can leave now. But, with in few minutes he said "Oh... We need few weeks for administrative process". And I was asked all supporting docs in the following weeks. Even I was asked for a supporting documnet last week. I am bit worried  now. Why they are doing like this?. What could be the reason?. Please advise.


Thanks in advance.



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