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Hi everyone,

I am facing a complex issue regarding my H1b petition.


I work for a Client X through a prime Vendor B and my employer A. My physical location is at the client's address and this is the one I used to file my LCA.

After filing my LCA, I requested letters from the client as well as the prime vendor. Client gave me a letter with my role and responsibilities and also the name of the location. So, till this point everything went fine.

The problem is with the prime vendor. They are giving me the letter and in the letter, they are saying that I work for them at their office location which is completely wrong. I tried to convince them in all the ways I could but even then they didnt agree. So, now I am completely clueless.

On 27th March I filed my new LCA and included the location of the prime vendor along with the client address to be on the safe side and I am waiting for my LCA to be approved..:(


In case my LCA is approved, is it ok if I provide the prime vendor letter (which says I work at their place) and also the client letter (which says I work at their location) or is there any chances of RFE's?


Will multiple locations ruin the chances of H1b?


Can I go with the old LCA and ask the prime vendor to take out their location?. The problem is if I get a RFE requesting service agreement between the client and the prime vendor then that cannot be shown as it is purely confidential.


Please help me out with appropriate recommendations.





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