Like to hold my parents green card application process


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I became US citizen recently. I am planning to apply for my father and mother for permanent resident ship. I would like to do it, to use it for better medical care if necessary. Currently they have tourist Visa.

1.  I would like to advance the process and hold it. Is there any way I can apply, move it forward to last stage and hold the process? is it possible?


2. if it is not possible,then I would finish the green card process. If they can't continue and green card expired. How long I have to wait for reapply green card? Is it possible.



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GC is for LIVING in the US. It is not for visiting for medical care.  Do you know how much health insurance is going to cost? Do you realize that few doctors are accepting new - especially elderly - patients.


If they do not intend to immediately move to the US, do not apply for it at this time. Once a GC is granted, they have 6 month to make the US their HOME (and YOU are responsible for their expenses - including supporting them to 125% of poverty level). They also have to pay taxes on world wide income.

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It is their decision if they want to immigrate to the US.

As Permanent Residents, they will have to actually live here. That's often hard for elderly people, who have all their ties to their home country. Coming to another country, learning all the customs there, is hard already for young people.

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