N-400 Case Pending due to extended stay out of U.S.

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  I had applied Form N-400 for my in-laws few months ago and things were progressing well until my father-in-law went for the interview. He passed the test (on English and US history). However, he got the letter saying that a decision cannot be made. The reason being that he was out of the country once for about 9 months to care for her ailing mother. He did so by applying for advanced parole. In the last 5 years he has been physically in the country for 1220 days (~40 months).


  Is just applying for advanced parole not sufficient. Should have applied for re-entry permit as well? USCIS wants evidence that he did not abandon his GC. Since he is not employed he has not filed for taxes and doesn't have anything like utility bills, property taxes. 


  The question is, how can he prove that he did not abandon his GC and has full intention of naturalizing in the US. I'd appreciate if someone could clarify. Thanks


- J

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